2018 ACA Open Canoe Nationals

Slalom Location

The slalom course will be on a natural section of river that includes class II/III rapids with numerous pools and eddies. Between twenty and twenty-five slalom gates will be hung for the week of the race.

The river left (East) shore features a county road and old, inactive (but still private) railroad grade. River right (West) is bounded by BLM (Bureau of Land Management) federal lands that will accommodate undeveloped camping and provides access to the course. The river right access is a short, rough gravel road but accessible by any vehicle. Additional developed camping is available at four RV parks in Buena Vista, from two to ten miles from the course.

The course will be hung at least three days prior to the race and will be available for practice throughout the day.

Directions: Go north 2.8 miles from Main street stoplight in Buena Vista on Hwy US 24. Turn east on county road 384 and then an immediate right turn on to county road 384A (Elephant Rock Lane). Follow county road 384A for 0.8 miles and turn left onto a dirt road that drops down to a bench above the river. Park in the open near the T junction at the bottom. Do not block and of the roads. We cannot legally access the site from river left, east side. Please respect the private railroad grade on river left.

Map below shows the end of county road 384A (Elephant Rock Lane). Turn left and descend dirt road to river. Use the address: 31201 CR 384A, Buena Vista, CO 81211 in mapping software to get you to turn point.